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General Surgery

General Surgery with DR. YUCE Team

Obesity Surgery
Hernia Surgery
Diabetics Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery with DR. YUCE and DR.DEMIRCILER Team

and more…

NeuroSurgery & Orthopedics

NeuroSurgery with DR. Gunduz Team
Orthopedics with Dr. Tokmak

Urology Surgery

Urological Surgery with DR. OGUZ Team

Penil Implants
Prostat Surgeries

Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation

Slit Technique
Sapphire FUE Technique
DHI Pen Method

Expert Doctors.
Professional Care.

We offer wide range of treatment plans.

Our medical tourism services for International patients

Hotel Reservations

Private Istanbul Hospital is an expert on finding the right hotels suitable for medical tourists in Istanbul. We check your rooms prior to your arrival and inform hotel about your special needs. Our patients also enjoy special accommodation prices.

Post-Operative Services

After you leave the country, Private Istanbul Hospital will be by your side with its after surgery services linking you with your doctor.

We know medical tourists patients have many other needs than our patients allready living in Istanbul.  We have several services for our international patients.

Welcoming & Transfers

From the moment you arrive to Istanbul, starting from the airport, Private Istanbul Hospital will be with you. No need to worry about how to arrive to your doctor. All transfers within city will be organized by Private Istanbul Hospital.

Doctor Appointments

Private Istanbul Hospital organizes all doctor appointments in Istanbul suiting your calendar. Enjoy the priority service!

Interpretation & Document Translation

You may not feel comfortable with your foreign language skills. Private Istanbul Hospital will be by you side. Documentation for Insurance, reports will be prepared in English. Upon your request in Arabic and Russian as well.

Patient Assistance

After you leave the country, Private Istanbul Hospital will be by your side with its after surgery services linking you with your doctor.

Guided City Tour

Our years of experience have allowed us to build travel packages combined with medical treatments. In addition to excellent care & accommodation & transfers, guided city tour plan will be tailor made just for you depending your special needs.

Facilitating Medicine & Other Medical Needs

Getting the medicine, and doctor prescriptions is no longer a hassle in a foreign country. As well as other medical needs (Reports, documentations, even a dentist appointment) Private Istanbul Hospital will take care of all for you.

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best doctors of Istanbul

We offer a wide range of medical treatment programs like corrective eye surgery, including oculoplastic and cosmetic surgery, with our outstanding, internationally-certified doctors. These specialists offer their superb skills while catering to our patients’ need for a relaxing holiday atmosphere in the ancient city of Istanbul.

Our mission is to maintain the highest quality medical service for our international patients and establish the relaxed, indulgent atmosphere found in luxurious vacation destinations. 

During their time in Istanbul, patients experience:

  • Highly qualified medical procedures performed by top specialists
  • Perfectly monitored, controlled surgeries
  • A picturesque tourist holiday (tour packages may also include other cities) , led by professional tour guides
  • Distinctive care and a professionally organized package

Why Choose Us


Experienced Doctors

Istanbul Hospital Doctors are highly experienced in terms number of patients they treated succesfully. 


No Waiting List

Long waiting lists shouldn’t be the reason to get a qualified mecial care. Don’t wait for your treatment with Istanbul Hospital International’s Heal&Travel packages. Save time and get excellent medical care with a quick appointment.



Significant Savings

 We offer Better treatment to Better prices.

  • Save by comparably low facility running costs.
  • Enjoy tax advantages (8% VAT in Turkey).
  • Enjoy currency parity advantage

After Surgery Services

In order to deliver the highest medical standards, is by your side after your treatment.

We offer you;

  • Guarantee*
  • Free post-op controls*
  • Re-treatment guarantees*
  • 24/7 reachable patient services

Frequently Asked Questions

- Do I need visa to get treatment in Turkey? / Does your hospital provide visa for patients?
Once you choose Private Istanbul Hospital for your treatment, our hospital will provide
you with all the necessary documentation for coming to Turkey and explain in detail how
and when to use these documents.
- Why should I choose Private Istanbul Hospital?
Private Istanbul Hospital is first destination for people from all over the world. Our focus
is to help people find a place to get the best treatment, have a wonderful experience during
their stay, and sending people with a smile on their face and gratitude in their heart.
- Can I bring a companion? / How Many people can I bring with me?

We recommend our patients to have a companion with them. Please note Single and Double room charges may vary. For additional guests, our patients will enjoy lower hotel rates during their stay.

- Will I have a problem communicating with the hospital staff?
From the minute you arrive to Private Istanbul Hospital, a translator will be by side to
help you communicate with the doctor and nursing staff during your stay. You don’t have to
worry about having some unanswered questions or misinformation about a drug or a
- What services does your hospital provide?
Private Istanbul Hospital provide a wide range of packages and treatments made
precisely to suit the need of foreign patients. Our years of service and experience have
made us capable of providing our patients with the perfect experience in regards of
treatment and comfort.
-How can I stay in touch with your hospital?
Our hospital thinks of you as a member of our big family spread worldwide. You can stay
in touch with us and contact us whenever there is a problem, or a question related to a
health issue.
- Does my insurance cover some cost of my treatment?

Generally travel insurance only covers the emergency situations. However, please get in contact with us about medical tourism insurance of Turkish Government.

- Can I get an extension in case I need to stay longer?
In some rare cases, the patient may need to stay longer for his/her treatments. Private
Istanbul Hospital will provide you with the necessary legal documents to extend your stay till
you fully recover and can take care of yourself.

Online Doctor Consultation

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Available Languages: Turkish, English, Arabic, Russian, Circassian, Dagestani, Chechen, Dutch

Available online clinics:
Nutrition / Dietitian: Bahattin Aslan, RDN
Neuro-Surgery: Cihangir Gunduz, MD
Pediatry / Children’s Doctor: Rustem Ucel, MD / Murat Kılınc, MD
Dermatology: Ilay Tasyurek, MD
Chest Diseases: Muhammet Tekesin, MD
Opthalmology / Eye Doctor: Ahmet Bas, MD
Defacation Disorders: Kenan Yuce, MD
Gynecology / Women’s Doctor: Viltan Akga, MD / Kamil Karatas, MD / Bora Yalciner, MD
Cardiology / Heart Doctor: Ulviye Yilmaz, MD
Ear, Nose, Throat: Pervin Eryilmaz, MD
Neurology: Nur Keles, MD
Orthopedy: Mehmet Tokmak, MD
Plastic Surgery: Nezail Demirci, MD
Sleeping Disorders: Muhammet Tekesin, MD
Urology: Oguz Keles, MD

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